Today was the last day of our Southern France portion of the trip.  Cyndie was busy, so Amy and I went out on our own exploring.  Since no abbey should go unvisited, we went to two today.  The first was the Abbey of St. Mary of Lagrasse.

The abbey dates back to the 7th century, and has seen quite a lot of history.  We were fortunate to get there just before a tour started.  Of course the tour was completely in French.  There were some Brits along in the tour, and a couple of Dutch.  The English audience got a handset which you could listed to a English guide.  The poor Dutch had two notebook sized pieces of paper with short paragraphs on it.  It was a bit frustrating, because at most the English guide would spend a couple of minutes on any one part of the abbey.  However, the French guide would be speaking for ten minutes on the same area.  You have to think that we missed a great deal of the details.

The abbey was pretty cool.  It is now privately held.  It was fun to walk around and take photos.  Since you couldn’t understand what the tour guide was saying, there was nothing really keeping us from just wandering around each area snapping pictures.  It wasn’t the nicest of days for photos, but a few came out well.

After the abbey we just wandered around a bit, but nothing really special.  We headed back to the B&B and packed for our journey the next day.