Today we headed back to Marseilles. Before we left, I decided to take some photos of our hotel. We were staying at Moulin d’Hauterive, an out of the way B&B. It was a really nice little place in the middle of no where. After packing up and getting everything back into the car, we were back on the road to Marseilles.

When we got back to Marseilles, we found our hotel and settled in.  Since we got there before sunset, we headed down to the beach to walk around.  Marseilles has a large beach with some walking trails.  It is surrounded by restaurants.  We walked around, and then tried to find a place to eat.  However, French restaurants are only open for drinks before after 7pm.  So, we had some drinks while waiting for it to get late enough to eat.  We ended up eating at a Mexican restaurant that wasn’t open until 7:30 for dinner (we normally eat by 6:00).  After eating French food for two weeks, we thought we’d try something different.  It was pretty good and our waitress spoke excellent English.  As we were finishing dinner the sun was setting, and we managed to get some photos before we headed back to the hotel.