Last night the family went to Bellingraph Gardens and Home in Alabama. Each holiday season they decorate their gardens, and it is quite a site. However, they do not restrict how many tickets they sell, and as a result, the traffic was backed up for five miles just waiting to get into the parking lot. We ended up waiting for over an hour in the car as we inched along the road. Do not go on a weekend! It was jammed packed and while the lights were great, I felt like I was fighting a raging current of people if I wanted to just stand there and enjoy the lights.

I took my good camera and my tripod. The results were pretty good and I hope you enjoy the photos. I was a bit surprised to only see one other person with a tripod, and that most people were using their phones as cameras. I guess the best camera is the one you have with you. I’m not sure how their photos came out and I hope them the best.