Oh, what kind of tourist would you be if you didn’t visit all of the castles and churches in France.  Today, we headed out to visit Chateaux de Lastours.  It is a set of three buildings on top of a mountain.  They are pretty much ruins now, but what a feat of construction and just surviving when they were occupied.  I don’t think I’d like to be one of the slaves bring up food and water from the bottom of the hill to the castles.  It was an overcast day and at one point we got caught in a rainstorm.  We managed to wait it out inside one of the structures.  Across the valley is a park where you can take pictures of the castles.  It is funny, many of the pictures came out making the castles look like little toys.  In fact, they are pretty big and it really is an impressive sight to see.

After being castled out, we took off on a scenic drive recommended in one of the local tourist guides.  We visited small town after small town, each one with something special.  We never did find one specific church, but we managed to see some of the “off the beaten path” tourist areas.  Even Cyndie didn’t know that these towns were there.  I managed to get some beautiful pictures of Jesus as the light hit him just right.  This was on top of a hill in some old ruins from a famous musician.  We also came across a mobile fish truck.  Instead of just ice cream trucks, they have fish trucks.  Same songs but a much different smell.


That night we had dinner in Carcassonne inside the old city.  It is a touristy place, but it is also fun to visit.  We found a place to eat, and Amy adopted a cat to keep her company while having dinner.  The funniest thing about dinner was that Amy thought she ordered a glass of wine when in fact she ordered a beer.  The menu was confusing and I could have easily made the same mistake, but it gave me an excuse to have a pretty good beer with dinner.