We were fortunate to have Adrian’s Grandmother (Amy’s Mother) and his Great Grandparents (Amy’s Grandparents) visit. Amy’s Mom was here for about a week, and her Grandparents were here for a handful of days. It was great to see them, and it was their first opportunity to meet Adrian. He was as always, on his best behavior.

It we great having them visit, and they were kind enough to watch Adrian in the evenings while Amy and I got some sleep. I think it was the most sleep we’ve had in months.

Each year, Amy’s Grandparents winter in Arizona, so Amy’s Mom who lives in Arizona flew out to visit with us, and then drove back with her parents to Arizona on their way there. It makes me look forward to retirement, where you can just get on the road and if you are a day or two late, no matter. Of course, we did take some pictures of the family together in the back yard. Adrian was pretty tired at that point and was struggling to keep his little head up.