As I sit here, Irene is starting to blow.  So far, so good.  We have these times of heavy rain and blowing winds, and then it will calm down for a few minutes.  Based on the maps, it looks like we’ll miss the worse part of Irene and I’m thankful for that.  Our house is surrounded by old trees, and there is no way they could stand up to the full force of Irene’s winds.

I suppose to be at the airport on an airplane right now, but my flight was cancelled.  While I’m disappointed a bit for missing a meeting that starts early Monday, I am thankful that I can be here with Amy and the girls, just in case.  If I need to go out and start working in removing branches or trees, I will.  I think we are primarily hoping to just stay inside and to sit this out.

If anything changes, I’ll try to update this page.  If we end up like the three million people they say are without power, I may not be able to update this.  I know that there is already significant damage and some deaths associated with Irene, but I do hope that there will be no more.