This New Year’s Eve, Amy and I went to a party at a friends house.  They were hosting a Murder Mystery party where we each played a certain role. I was Rowdy Lawless, the innocent biker gang Harley loving guy heading from parole to live with my Grandma and to turn over a new leaf when I am sidetracked in this small Texas town with some really crazy people.  Amy played the role of Crystalline Daniels, a slutty waitress at the bar where the owner was killed.

It was fun, and the hardest part was making stuff up.  When people would ask you questions, you pulled a Regan…  “I don’t recall at the moment where I was born”.  There was some background that you knew so you could answer, and then you had to be sure to make up stuff that was consistent with the other parts of your background, that you didn’t know yet.  Fun times were had, and we finished in time to see the ball drop and the New Year beginning.

So, happy New Year to all of our friends and family.