On Saturday afternoon, we went to the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrone.  It is hidden in the Hudson River Valley.  It consists of a small grass airfield surrounded by trees.  Each weekend, they fly either original or replica aircraft.  It is obvious that they absolutely love these old aircraft and the heritage surrounding them.  While it is amazing that they can actually fly a 102 year old aircraft, it only flies a few feet off the ground.  It is basically a working museum.  Normally, they offer biplane rides, but this weekend the biplane they use was grounded for maintenance.  That was a bit of a disappointment since both myself and Granddad wanted to go up in biplanes.  Oh well, that is a good excuse to go back another time.  Since the biplane rides wasn’t happening, they allowed the crowd to cross the line and to take a close look at all of the airplanes.  All of these aircraft are marked “experimental” and could never get certified by the FAA.