We now have been in Crestview for a bit over a month now and we are finally settling in.  All of the stuff that we want unpacked is unpacked, and now it is all about baby proofing the house.  Adrian has learned to crawl and is now quite mobile.  I’m guessing that he’ll be ready to walk in the next month or so, he so much wants to figure it out.

So far, Crestview has treated us well.  There are some good places to eat and our neighborhood is friendly.  We have a nice one mile morning walk around the block for Nadia.  It is nice to not walk on a major road with traffic.  We did run into one neighbor that thinks that letting dogs on her grass is rude, even if you clean up after them.  I bet she doesn’t have many friends here since so many families have dogs here.

Well, that’s about it for now.