Over Memorial Weekend, Amy, I and the girls drove up to Acadia National Park in Maine.  We spent three days walking a total of 26 miles.  We mostly spent the time on the carriage roads where the dogs (and us) could easily walk.  We did adventure into on lakeside trail and quickly found ourselves climbing up and down boulders.  Until we gave up and let the girls off the leash, I don’t think they were having a fun time.  I can’t imaging climbing up boulders while tied to another dog, and a human.  No fun for them.  But, once the leash was off, they were as well bounding boulders like there was nothing more fun.  We were fortunate in that we found several restaurants that allowed dogs so we could have real meals.  We also found our new favorite Lobster Pound in the Down East Lobster Pound in Trenton.  No frills, just great tasting lobster and crab (we went back the next day for crab rolls).  While our feet are now sore from too much walking… or at least too much walking in shoes not meant to be walked so far in (for example, my teva’s).  Overall it was a lot of fun, a lot less crowded that I expected for a holiday weekend, and had wonderful weather.  We really couldn’t have lucked out any more.  Below are some pictures from the trip, enjoy.