Today we moved.  Let me tell you that moving sucks.  I really wish our landlord allowed us to remain in our home until I retired and we moved to our “forever” home.  But no, so today was spent moving.  Our new garage is filled with boxes and stuff, but we have our furniture where we want it, and new pillows to boot.

Our new house is nice.  It is slightly smaller than our older house, but it has a built in bbq on the patio, and Adrian now how has his own room.  Adrian’s room is basically a kid cage, a place for him to have fun and hang out.  He’s still sleeping in our room, but tonight will be the first night where his crib isn’t attached to the bed.

Adrian is doing very well.  He loves standing and likes to jump up and down but he hasn’t mastered crawling.  The new room will be his cage, with the hopes that we can put him in there and let him play.  We will be baby proofing the house to the best of our ability and hopefully we won’t go overboard too much.

While we liked Niceville, we will survive here in Crestview.  We have a whole new set of restaurants to explore and places to visit.  The good news is that we are on the south side of town so we will miss the really bad traffic when commuting.  I won’t be commuting for the next week as we spend all of our efforts on unpacking, and cleaning up the old house.

Now it is time for bed,

John, Amy, and Adrian