This blog is hosted on WordPress, and as such, I have set it up to approve every comment made.  Today, I am thankful that I set it up that way.  I could have set it up so any comment automatically is published.  However, today I received a lengthy comment on one of my earlier posts about Capt Yundt.

The commenter blended a series of disagreements to my assessment of the courts martial with a series of rather rude insults towards me.  They were correct in that I don’t know everything about the case, and in fact, I doubt anyone, including Capt Yundt knows everything about the case.  All I could do was reflect on my experiences with him, my experience sitting in the courts martial, and my conversations with people that worked much closer to him than I.  If I ever gave the impression that I knew everything, then I apologize.

What bothered me the most was the insulting tone of the comment and the multitude of personal attacks included within.  I know that this is common on the internet with “trolls” attacking people “just because they can”, but this really was my first exposure to this.  If someone doesn’t like what I have to say, okay, then feel free to disagree.  If you read something I wrote and then personally attack me, then my reaction is to just delete the comment.  I know that I may get another comment saying that I should have posted it and it may even be filled with more insults, but that isn’t the point of this website.

What it made me realize is that this site is mine.  It isn’t a bastion of free speech for everyone and anyone to comment, insult, or discuss.  It is my little place on the internet for me to share my thoughts, and for Amy to share hers.  I know that I’m open to comments that agree, or even disagree with what I say.   There is no reason for me to publish personal attacks, and it would be ridiculous to even think that I would.  It isn’t about your free speech, it is about my free speech.. and that includes the freedom from having to include every comment.

I think that is about everything I have to say on the topic.  I’m sorry for taking up your time with this, but I thought I’d get this off my chest.