Amy and I went to a funeral today.  This young man of 32 killed himself.  He was one of the many scientists that work for my organization, and was also an active member of my church.  I had talked to him, but I didn’t really know him.  I’m saddened by this event.  A man with so much promise, who was brilliant scientifically, and who led an extremely active lifestyle.  Yet, we have lost him.  It isn’t right by any measure, and I do hope that his inner suffering is now over.

As we journey from life to life, we learn and experience all aspects of humanity.  At some point my soul will reach that ragged edge and I’ll have to make a decision.  I do not know if that has already happened or is something I will face in the future.  I understand this, and I know that this young man has now learned that lesson and can go on to his next life, ready to learn from his choice.  Having faith, either in reincarnation, or in a Heaven, does little to comfort the new widow, or to comfort his friends that didn’t see it coming.

I wish the best for his widow, his family, his friends, and the community that he was loved by.  It is hard to see someone with so much promise kill themselves, but it is one step along a very long path we walk.  It is not only a step for him, but a step for us, as we look inward to learn from this lesson.

Blessed Be,