On January 30th, I went under the laser knife and had my eyes corrected.  The surgery was conducted at Keesler AFB by the Air Force.  Overall, I’m happy with the results although it will be several months until my vision stabilizes, and it is doubtful that my right eye will be 20/20.  My right eye had very high astigmatism which can only be corrected so much.  There is a chance that I can go back in a couple of years to get it “tuned” to 20/20, but well see if that is necessary.

I’m now back at work and will be taking eye drops for the next four months.  I have to wear sunglasses for at least a year.  I finally went running yesterday and it was nice to be able to run without my glasses.  I am still struggling to read (you don’t want to see how this text looks on my computer screen) and will likely require reading glasses.  However, I can’t find any computer glasses that give me some magnification at the distance that I sit from a computer screen.  I can get reading glasses, but they assume that the book in front of you is closer than I’d normally have a computer screen.  There is a business opportunity here for someone.

The last time I tried to get surgery was about fifteen years ago, right after the Air Force started doing the procedure.  I was rejected because of my prescription.  I was glad to see that as the laser technology has improved, more and more difficult prescriptions can be corrected.  So, now my eyes finally fell within the bounds and I could get the procedure done.  If you haven’t done it, you may want to consider it.

Well, now to put on the sunglasses and to take Nadia out for her Saturday morning walk.