My office is reorganizing again.  This will be an interim reorganization while we wait the outcome of the larger reorganization that is planned for later this year.  The end result is that I’m getting more work.  I currently have about 35 people working for me, and this will go up to about forty.  However, with some upcoming cuts, that will bring it down to about 20 to 25.

If you are curious, I’m taking over the Joint C2 coordination functions as well as the management of the Air Operations COI work (that really should mean nothing to anyone in my family).  So, my accidental empire continues to grow, and I am really looking forward to finding a new job next year.  I’m tired and have been for over a year now, and this additional will only make that worse.  At least the new folks are pretty good and should be fairly self sufficient.

One benefit of this is that I think I’ll get a new office with a window.  Now, that is moving up in the world.