So, we have moved to Raleigh, North Carolina. We decided after considering Raleigh, Washington DC, Boston, Austin, Portland, and Seattle to move to Raleigh. We really felt at home here when we visited, and everyone has been very friendly.

Yesterday our stuff arrived from Florida. Now comes the time to unpack everything, and unlike previous moves, nothing gets to stay in the box. We either have to use it, or get rid of it. Sounds grand, and I’m sure there will be plenty of exceptions. We do have a good deal of storage space so I’m pretty sure I’ll be eating those words.

Our house was built in 1985 and while pretty old, has been cared for well. We are very happy with it, and we think this will be a good place for Adrian to grow up. We are already finding several very good restaurants nearby. Hopefully by the end of this week we’ll not be eating out as much. Amy cooked her first dinner tonight.

As for me, I still don’t have a job lined up post-retirement. Once I finished unpacking and getting the house in order, I’ll put all of my efforts on finding a job. There are a lot of software program managers in the area, so I shouldn’t have too much trouble. There isn’t much DoD work here so I’ll have to learn some new skills. While I wait for a job, I’m going to start my own little company and start seriously working some ideas I have for a couple of new products. Not sure if they will go anywhere, but there is a need. Maybe I’ll do some volunteer work as well. Most importantly, I’ll be spending time with Adrian and Amy exploring Raleigh and the surrounding areas.