I got my assignment this week.  While I was hoping to get into cyber a bit more, the Air Force decided that I needed to get back into aeronautical engineering.  I was offered the choice to retire or to move to Florida.  Given that I couldn’t tell the difference, I decided to take the job in Florida.  While everything is still early and may change, it looks like I’ll be working with micro-UAV’s.  I’m not sure how well the job advertisement will match the actual job, but it could be a really fun assignment.  So, I’ll be in the Air Force for at least another two years and at that point I’ll be able to retire.  If I move I much commit to staying in for another two years, so that is why my retirement eligibility date will change by accepting this assignment.

We will be moving in April and we’ll be at Eglin AFB, near Ft. Walton Beach.  So instead of snow well have sand, and instead of winter storms will have hurricanes.  For some reason I don’t think my snowshoes will be much of a workout, but I am looking forward to wearing shorts and a t-shirt on Christmas.