John and I discovered the Berry Manor Inn, in Rockland, ME, during our first real vacation together. This gem was just the icing of our fabulous trip, which included a Moose Safari and an overnight trip on a Windjammer. We luxuriated in our lovely room, ate tons of amazing homemade pie (Thanks, Pie Moms!), and woke up to tasty breakfasts served by owners Mike and Cheryl. Mike always starts the morning with a goofy hat, and the musical stylings of his extensive toy collection.

I am very sentimental and “misty water colored memories” when it comes to Berry Manor. Approximately a year after our first visit, John took me back for a romantic getaway. Unbeknownst to me, John almost proposed in our beautifully appointed room the night we arrived. Unaware of his intentions, I fell asleep a little too early! Everything worked out, the next day he drove me up Mount Battie and proposed at the summit.

We returned to Berry Manor this weekend, because it encapsulates the way we think of New England and feel about our life here. Berry Manor is the perfect place to reflect on our time in the Northeast and celebrate our life together. The people are friendly, the region is a culinary delight, and the setting is stunning. I always like spending romantic weekends with my husband…and pie makes a great trip better! Berry Manor is really a special treat that we keep coming back to enjoy.

This morning Mike was wearing a crab hat and I discovered a jumping, mooing cow in his toy collection (John thinks it is obnoxious, I think it is completely and totally awesome!). We love the Maine coast, and we plan on returning to Berry Manor (after all, we haven’t stayed in all of the rooms!).