Amy is a natural at being a Mom. Her ability to stay calm through the storm of parenthood has amazed me to no end. Adrian has been a handful, yet no matter how tired she is or how loud Adrian is, she has remained a calming force for Adrian. I am married to a woman whom I didn’t really know until now. I had no idea as to the depth of her love and patience.

Adrian was born with a tongue tie, which caused breastfeeding to be extremely painful for Amy. While she cringed in pain each time he fed, she never had a harsh word for Adrian. She just kept on feeding him through the pain. We’ve had the tongue tie fixed, and now it only hurts moderately to feed him. Despite the continued pain, Amy cheerfully feeds him whenever he shows an interest.

I am just amazed. It doesn’t matter how fussy Adrian is, or how sore she feels, she keeps on caring for him. It can be three in the morning with him whaling while changing a diaper, and Amy just is filled with kindness. As for me, I do not have such tolerance, and his crying quickly gets under my skin. I just don’t have the same strength as Amy when it comes to taking care of Adrian under stressful conditions.

So, the woman I’m with today turns out to be better than the woman I married. I had no idea marrying her that she had this depth of compassion and love. She is doing a fine job of making up for my limited abilities. I’m very lucky to have her in my life and I hope she knows it.