Amy visited her Mom, Grandma, Grandpa, and other family in Indiana over this past weekend. It sounded like a good trip (she’s driving home from the airport right now). However, he car battery died at the airport (we don’t know why), so her homecoming was less than happy.  I’m sure that she’ll be looking forward to cuddling with the dogs when she gets home.  In the meantime, I’ll stay up and wait for her.  The GPS in her car is disabled until we put in the unlock code (which we haven’t found yet), so she’s busy following the simplest driving instructions from Logan I can come up with.  I do hope that she found 93N alright.  At least she hasn’t pulled off the road to call me again.

It will be good to have her home.  While she was gone I did manage to clean out the garage.  She should have plenty of space to park her car now.  Maybe that will be a nice surprise for her, but she did know that I cleaned out the garage.  But more importantly, she’ll be home.