I have been communicating with my sponsor at Eglin regarding our move.  I asked him if they were still going to put me in the job I had accepted or not.  Not surprising, they are “reconsidering” where to put me.  So, the Bait-and-Switch is is now on-going and I’ll likely find myself in a different job that I expected.

In most circumstances I wouldn’t be too frustrated about this, but this is a unique situation.  I had a choice on this assignment.  I could retire or take the job.  I chose to take the job based on the job they told me that I was going into.  With that decision comes a commitment for me to stay in the Air Force for another two years.  So, now I’m looking at going into a different job with a two year commitment.  I hope that the new job will be something that I enjoy, since I can’t get out of it.  Additionally, the move has made me vulnerable to a deployment overseas which I’m not allowed to refuse.

I am frustrated because I believe that pulling a bait-and-switch on me is an integrity issue.  Had they explained to me the real job I’d be offered, I may have put in my retirement papers and be preparing today to enter the civilian workforce.  I was looking forward to finally having a say in my future and my priority is to take care of my family and to work at something I enjoy.  I will call my new boss later this week and see what they have in mind.  My guess is that the job will be okay, but that I’ll have a lot more responsibility than the advertised job.  But for now, I’ll vent a bit here on the unfairness of military life.

No matter what, we are both looking forward to the move to Florida and the new adventures that are ahead of us.