Today, we drove from La Rochelle up to Normandy.  Instead of heading straight up to Normandy, Amy wanted to visit Carnac.  Carnac is the French version of Stonehedge.  It consists of several fields of stones.  Someone a long time ago put a huge amount of effort to collect and organize all of these stones.  After getting “stoned”, we headed up to Normandy and found out that we were staying in a real castle.

Carnac is pretty cool.  I can only imagine being one of the poor men working there.  I bet more than one responded with “You want to do what?  Dude, it is just rocks.  No, you lift than damn rock!”  The speculation is that was put together for religious reasons, although they really don’t know why.  It was cold and raining, so we didn’t walk around as much as we would have liked.  They have fields of rocks, and some of the fields have small rocks (well, relative to other larger rocks), and some fields have large rocks.

After getting rocked, we got back on the road and headed up to Normandy.  We stayed in the Le Quesnay castle.  We stayed there as a part of our tour package.  The castle had been there for four hundred years.  It was really interesting to stay in something that you would normally only visit in a museum.  After hauling our luggage up the stairs (they didn’t have elevators four hundred years ago), I walked around and took pictures.  It is really a nice place to stay.  After our guide Gary arrived, we had some drinks and dinner.  Of course we had to have after dinner drinks, and since we had no driving to do, well…. let’s just say I’m glad I wasn’t driving that night.