Our family trip this year was to Finland. We spend nearly all of our time above the arctic circle. This was our chance to bring Adrian to Santa’s hometown, and a chance for us to see the northern lights. Unfortunately, it was cloudy most of the week, but we did manage to have one night that was clear enough to see the Northern Lights.

Finland was an amazing and cold place. Everyone was so friendly and happy, even in below freezing weather and with daylight only 6 hours a day. Everyone was happy to be there, and we never heard any native talk about wanting to go somewhere warm. While the tourist were dressed in snowsuits and still complaining (that would be me), the natives were wearing light jackets. These people are tough.

This was one of those “once-in-a-lifetime” trips, although I would be happy to go back. I do think our next big family trip will be somewhere warmer.