Amy threw me a wonderful birthday yesterday.  We started in the morning by leaving the house in a long stretch white limo.  The big thing filled up our entire driveway.  We had talked about the fact that we had never been in a limo together, and Amy has never been in one at all.  Inside we cuddled and headed out for the rest of the adventure.

We drove down to Hanscom Air Field, which is next to the base.  We accidentally ended up on the base and had to turn around (we missed the turn just before the gate).  At Hanscom Air Field, we met up with our pilot.  Amy got me a helicopter tour of Boston for my Birthday.  I got to sit in the front and Amy (and our limo driver who we invited to sit in the vacant seat), sat in back.  Luckily Amy reminded me to bring my camera.  We lifted off and followed Route 2 into Boston.

We got to view most of Boston including MIT, Harvard Square, and the harbor.  We did get a peak at the Occupy Boston encampment wedged in the Financial District.  We were very lucky with the weather.  There was some bad weather for the past few days, but Friday was bright and sunny.  We had a great view and I was able to take a few hundred photos.  It also turns out that our limo driver was a former professional photographer and had his camera with him.  He’ll be sending us his photos, so we should have some great photos from the trip.  After flying down to the harbor at about 1000 feet, we turned around and headed back.  It was a very different view of Hanscom AFB as we flew over the runway next to where I’ve been working for over three years.  So even on my Birthday I ended up going to work, or rather going over work.

After we landed, we headed up to pick up the birthday cake.  While there, we stopped at the Boston Chowder place next to the bakery and picked up some lunch to eat on the way back.  Then we winded our way back home enjoying the view from the back of the limo.  When we got home, it was clear that the dogs needed some attention, so we gave them some serious love and then took a nap.

We woke up and took the dogs for a walk into town.  We are fortunate to have a great shop downtown that sells board games.  We walked the dogs down there and while I waited with the girls, Amy shopped for some games.  She picked up a few games to play.  Shortly after we got back, our guests started to arrive.  We had Alexis and Cort, Gerry and Irena, and Wayne and Michelle over for pizza and cake.  We also played Martian Fluxx which challenged all of us that like clear and stable rules to play by.  Then came the cake.  Amy was struggling to get a cake featuring a copy of an xkcd strip on love:

It was very sweet and tasted outstanding.  Finally, after a long and fun day, our guest departed and we called it a night.  It was a really fun Birthday and now I’m challenged to see what I can do for Amy’s Birthday next year.  Last year I took her to France and while I don’t think I have to do that again, my plan to just make her a quiet dinner may need to be reevaluated.

I am blessed to have Amy in my life.  She’s a great wife and has spoiled me since we met.  It is good being married, even if she takes most of the bed when she sleeps.