Amy and I went to the Plimouth Plantation yesterday.  We had a good time.  We were surprised at how small it was and how few “role players” there was, but otherwise it was fun.  We learned a lot.  I looked for William Brewster in the village, but he was either “out in the fields” or “out with the Governor”.  I think they have standard answers for “it’s his day off”.  Too bad, I would have liked to heard the role-player play my 12th great grandfather.

After Plimouth, we toured Plymouth a bit and went on the Mayflower II.  For a boat to carry 100 people and to be that small, wow.  I can’t imagine how each of those passengers lived in such a small space… they must have been living on top of each other and their supplies.  It is sparse as a museum so visitors could walk around, but in reality you’d be walking all over each other.  It would have looked more like my room as a kid with the toys spread all over the floor.

The girls stayed at the doggie hotel last night.  We thought our day would be longer than it actually turned into, but it was still nice to have a night alone.  In fact, it is time now to get dressed and to go pick them up.  I suspect that they will be a bit clingy by now.