Amy and I spent a weekend in Nantucket with the dogs.  I’ve been interested in Nantucket for quite a while, and it has been on the to do list since then.  Since my time is running short here with us probably moving in late 2011 or early 2012, I thought it would be fun to visit the island.  We found a dog-friendly bed and breakfast and explored the island.  When we landed on the island, we followed our GPS’s instructions to Harborview Dr., which would have been good if the bed and breakfast was on that street.  Turns out that the bed and breakfast was at Harbor View Way, which was three blocks from where the ferry landed, and not the three mile walk along the coast to where Harborview Dr. was.  Oh well, we had meant to walk around the island some, just not in search of the bed and breakfast.  We finally found our place, and relaxed for the weekend.  On Sunday, we met up with Kat, James, and William.  Kat and I have known each other since I’ve lived in Albuquerque, and this really was our first chance to introduce our families to each other since then.  It was good to catch up, and now Amy and Kat are friends on Facebook (I live through Amy’s account).  Here are some of the pictures from the trip, enjoy.