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Wrapping up

Next Wednesday is the last day I will be working [...]

Wrapping up2012-02-25T14:52:09-05:00

Berry Wonderful

John and I discovered the Berry Manor Inn, in Rockland, [...]

Berry Wonderful2012-02-20T21:32:28-05:00

The Fountain of Youth

If you have ever seen a loved one with one [...]

The Fountain of Youth2012-02-20T20:13:58-05:00

The Greatest Insult

"I always thought I would marry someone more tech savvy!" [...]

The Greatest Insult2011-12-07T22:20:25-05:00

Leadership by Checklist

Have you ever had the opportunity to gain earned leadership [...]

Leadership by Checklist2011-12-01T00:35:56-05:00

What is Creative Thinking?

In my nascent quest to discover my inner creative streak, [...]

What is Creative Thinking?2011-11-24T20:06:30-05:00

The Creativity Conundrum

Yesterday I was confronted with the idea that reinvention (whether [...]

The Creativity Conundrum2011-11-20T14:22:08-05:00