Finland 2017

Our family trip this year was to Finland. We spend [...]

Finland 20172018-01-15T14:58:54-05:00

Women’s March

I'm proud of Amy. It wasn't fifteen minutes after she [...]

Women’s March2017-01-23T19:45:01-05:00

Chinese Lantern Festival

In Cary, they have a Chinese Lantern Festival. The Festival [...]

Chinese Lantern Festival2016-12-03T14:06:47-05:00

Vollmer Farm

Yesterday we took Adrian to Vollmer Farm. It is about [...]

Vollmer Farm2016-10-23T09:07:44-04:00

Tweetsie Railroad

After the Highland Games on Saturday, we went to the [...]

Tweetsie Railroad2016-07-16T13:32:23-04:00

Visiting New Bern

We spent a weekend in New Bern visiting friends. It [...]

Visiting New Bern2016-07-11T16:39:28-04:00

Festival of Legends

Today we went to the Festival of Legends. I'd say [...]

Festival of Legends2016-04-09T16:21:35-04:00

Amy’s Easter Cake

Amy has taken it on to become a fabulous cake, [...]

Amy’s Easter Cake2016-03-20T13:14:38-04:00

Yate’s Mill with Irina

Our dear friend and Adrian's Godmother, Irina visited us for [...]

Yate’s Mill with Irina2015-11-14T13:51:33-05:00