New Website Design

I've been working today to update the website desgin. I [...]

New Website Design2018-08-19T22:08:18-04:00

Pet News

I'm sorry to announce that our dog Nadia has passed [...]

Pet News2018-01-15T15:03:56-05:00

Exchange Student Re-Homing

Unfortunately, we've had to re-home our German exchange student. She [...]

Exchange Student Re-Homing2017-10-28T17:56:28-04:00

Go Mudcats

In honor of the end of Summer, and to show [...]

Go Mudcats2017-09-08T14:35:48-04:00

I got a job

After several months of looking, I finally got a job. [...]

I got a job2015-11-20T05:43:09-05:00

Changes to the site

Hi everyone. I've made some changes to the site. We [...]

Changes to the site2015-08-31T13:36:02-04:00

Heading to Raleigh

We are moving to Raleigh in August. We have found [...]

Heading to Raleigh2015-06-10T21:14:21-04:00