As I suspected, there is a bait and switch going on with my assignment to Eglin.  I haven’t gotten a straight answer yet, but it looks like I may be the Deputy Chief of the Armament Division responsible to researching explosives.  That is a fairly big change from running the Guidance, Navigation, and Control Branch.  So, instead of flying drones with experimental navigation algorithms, I get to blow things up.  Or rather, I supervise people blowing things up.

Part of me is frustrated because I made a decision to stay in the Air Force instead of retiring based on the job they advertised.  I feel that it is only appropriate for them to take that into consideration, and to actual consult me if they are considering moving me to a new job.  If they are going to move me, then I should have the right to refuse that job and put in my retirement paperwork.  But instead, I sign the paperwork to move to Eglin, and I commit to two more years to the Air Force before they change my job.  If this happened in private industry, it would be justification to quit the job, or possibly to go court.  Either way, it wouldn’t be illegal for you to quit the job.  In may case, I could end up in jail if I quit this job.

However, this may be a better position for me at Eglin.  So, it kind of makes my previous argument a moot point.  It is still a valid point, but perhaps moot.  I am hoping that when we are down there house hunting, that I’ll have a chance to get a straight answer on what job they are putting me me.  Maybe I’ll even be asked for my opinion.  If not, I’ll make the best of it no matter what job they give me.  I’ve always have been able to do that in each assignment.