Welcome to 2015. Wow, I even typed that without hitting the four key. I guess the year is off to a great start then.

We celebrated the coming of the new year by going to bed early as usual. Our bedtime is driven by Adrian, so when he sleeps, we are not too far behind him. We did wake up to the fireworks at midnight, but when they were done, so were we.

I took Adrian to some local fireworks last night as it was getting dark. Some of our neighbors had invited the neighborhood to come over for some “fireworks”. Basically, fireworks bought in Alabama that are mostly illegal here in Florida. Funny enough, when you have EOD techs involved, safety comes first and no one was being completely stupid with the fireworks. We stayed for about an hour until Adrian was showing signs of sleepiness.

I’m sure some day Adrian will be able to stay up late and celebrate the coming of a new year. He really likes big fireworks and it will be fun to take him to a real fireworks show. But, that may be a few years off still.

We hope that everyone had a safe New Year’s Eve and that everyone is having fun this holiday. We have so many changes coming in 2015 for us, that it is hard to believe. Retirement, new job (hopefully), moving, new house, new friends, new church, new this and that, and etcetera. Hopefully we’ll finally be in one place for the next twenty years or so. How odd that will be, to be able to put down roots and see the fruits of my labor. So often, at least in my job, the results of my hard work weren’t seen until well after I moved on. You never really get to finish anything when you move every three to four years. I’m looking forward to seeing something through to the end.

Well, that’s all we have for now. Again, Happy New Year and best of luck in 2015 to you and your families.