Nadia gets to go into surgery tomorrow to remove a tumor next to her anus.  I took her in today to the vet expecting it to simply be a swollen anal gland, but it wasn’t.  Then, we took some fluid from it and put it under the microscope expecting it to be a bacterial infection, and it wasn’t.  So, it is a tumor.

So, tomorrow Nadia gets her butt cut up to remove the tumor.  While this provides an endless supply of one-liners, it isn’t how I think Nadia wanted to start out the new year.  She knows something is wrong and is acting a bit strange.  She has no idea what is in store for her tomorrow.  Not only will she have her butt operated on, then she gets to wear the cone of shame.  She has an embarrassment opportunity from head to tail, literally.

Hopefully all will go well tomorrow and Nadia will be back licking her butt in no time.