We are moving in March. Our current landlord has decided to not renew the lease and therefore we will have to move. He’s decided that he wants to try to sell the house instead of continuing to be a landlord. I’ve been in his position before and I understand his decision. We both wish he would let us stay in our home until it is time for my retirement.

We found a house in Crestview, about fifteen miles from here. It is a bit more expensive, but our new landlords were willing to accept a 19 month lease, which will get us to my retirement. It is also one of the very few houses we’ve seen with a single floor, so Nadia won’t have to go up and down stairs. It is a nice house and even has a built-in bbq on the patio. It is a great house for entertaining, and I hope that we’ll have plenty of fun doing just that.

We will be packing over the next few weeks we will start the sorting and packing of our stuff. As always, now is the time we will be deciding what to keep and what that can go. However, moving is a lot of work and a lot of money. We are both looking forward to this being over so we can go on with our lives.