Welcome to Allison Tribe

Welcome to AllisonTribe. I am John, and this is my site. I chronical our family activities here. My wife, Amy, uses Facebook, but I don’t so here I am. Lot of changes happening to the site, so sorry about the mess.


Getting an Exchange Student

We will be getting a German exchange student next month. This should be exciting, especially since neither Amy nor I have ever raised a teenager. Finnja will be arriving next […]

I got a job

After several months of looking, I finally got a job. I’ll be a project manager for Experis. They are a staffing agency and the position will be within the US […]

Changes to the site

Hi everyone.

I’ve made some changes to the site. We are dropping SmugMug for our slideshows and moving to Next Gen Gallery, a plug-in for WordPress. This should allow slideshows to […]