Finally Home

Today we finally made it home, no thanks to United.  [...]

Finally Home2011-04-16T15:10:12-04:00

Back to Marseilles

Today we headed back to Marseilles. Before we left, I [...]

Back to Marseilles2011-04-16T15:01:30-04:00

Versailles and More

Today was a lot of driving.  We were heading from [...]

Versailles and More2011-04-16T14:49:32-04:00

Big Rocks and a Castle

Today, we drove from La Rochelle up to Normandy.  Instead [...]

Big Rocks and a Castle2011-04-16T11:59:17-04:00

La Rochelle

Today, we left Southern France and headed up the coast.  [...]

La Rochelle2011-04-16T11:42:57-04:00

Abbey and More

Today was the last day of our Southern France portion [...]

Abbey and More2011-03-26T00:14:00-04:00