Niagra Falls

We spent the Forth of July weekend in Niagra Falls.  [...]

Niagra Falls2011-07-09T16:52:48-04:00


They do fireworks over the Falls every Friday and Sunday [...]


Butterfly Conservatory

We didn't know that Niagra Falls had a Butterfly Conservatory. [...]

Butterfly Conservatory2011-07-09T17:09:26-04:00

White Water Walk

On the outskirts of Niagra Falls, they have the "White [...]

White Water Walk2011-07-09T17:06:20-04:00

Journey Behind the Falls

One of the many tourist attractions in Niagra Falls is [...]

Journey Behind the Falls2011-07-09T17:02:49-04:00

Jet Boat Tour

While at Niagra Falls, we took the jet boat tour [...]

Jet Boat Tour2011-07-09T16:53:12-04:00