I have decided that 2012 is going to be the best year ever! After all, over the past decade or so life has just continued to get better and better. 2011 brought some challenges, and I am confident that our family is emerging stronger from the fires. That said, 2012 started out with a definite bang. We discovered a tumor on Nadia’s posterior. The day Nadia went into surgery (3 January) we learned that the tenant in John’s condo vacated the premises (his lease is through March).

Nadia is OK! Her surgery was successful, and the results came in yesterday. Her tumor is benign, and as such the Vet is confident that the operation is curative. She is not a fan of the “Cone of Shame”, but at the end of next week she will get her sutures removed and we will be able to put this episode behind us.

Regarding the condo, we were planning on putting it on the market in April. In preparation for an April unveiling, we interviewed several real estate agents at the end of 2011 and identified the agent we want to work with. Our agent created a draft advertisement website, we crafted a marketing  strategy, and determined our list price. I love to plan, and I wanted all of the strategies hashed out and all of the decisions made for April. The upside is we already are really all ready! All we need to do is get renovators in to paint and redo the flooring and we are ready to go! We anticipate listing our condo on or before 16 January. If you are looking, or know anyone who is looking for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo in the National Capitol Region (right by Ft. Belvoir) let us know!

We have a lot of activity planned for the next several months. We are heading to CA to visit John’s family in January. We will be luxuriating in our favorite B&B in Maine for a quiet retreat (the calm before the storm!) in February. We are planning a March house hunting trip to FL. I will be experiencing my first official military move in April. Prior to our move,¬† I have several personal Toastmaster-related goals that I would like to achieve, in addition to Co-Chairing the District 31 Spring Conference (which takes place on 5 May). I look forward to all of the personal growth that awaits me.

Welcome 2012!