Today we finally made it home, no thanks to United.  Our flights were arranged through United, but were actually Lufthansa flights.  Our original plan was to fly from Marseilles to Frankfurt, and then Frankfurt to Boston.  Well, back in January, United changed our flights and now we were scheduled to fly from Marseilles to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Munich, and finally Munich to Boston.  Okay, we can do that.  Don’t like it and they lied to us as to flights not available from Frankfurt to Boston, but it is doable.  Well, there is a problem with our reservation and we couldn’t get our boarding passes from Munich to Boston until we got to Munich.  It turns out that the United representative that changed our flights screwed up big.  He changed the reservation but not the booking, so we didn’t have tickets from Munich to Boston.  After working with the Lufthansa representatives we were finally able to get boarding passes (thanks so much).  The flight was overbooked and we were lucky that there were some volunteers to spend the night in Munich.

We finally got to Boston after a long day of flying, and it was good to get home.  The dogs managed to survive the two weeks without us, but they were glad to see us.  Overall the trip was great, but at the same time, it was good to finally be home.  Now we are looking forward to some vacations a little closer to home.  Not sure where we are going to vacation the next time we go overseas, but there are a lot of options.  But for now, it is time to look back and remember France.