New Pets

Since Nadia's death, we now have new pets. We now [...]

New Pets2018-07-21T14:16:52-04:00

Holiday Wishes

To all of our family and friends, we wish you [...]

Holiday Wishes2016-12-24T14:04:29-05:00

Navarre at Sunrise

I finally took some "me time" and got up early [...]

Navarre at Sunrise2012-09-26T12:06:53-04:00

Berry Wonderful

John and I discovered the Berry Manor Inn, in Rockland, [...]

Berry Wonderful2012-02-20T21:32:28-05:00

What is Creative Thinking?

In my nascent quest to discover my inner creative streak, [...]

What is Creative Thinking?2011-11-24T20:06:30-05:00

Boston/Portland Airshow

On Aug 29th, I went to the Boston/Portland Airshow at [...]

Boston/Portland Airshow2010-10-02T22:09:02-04:00