Yesterday we took a day trip to Martha’s Vineyard.  Neither of us has ever been there and so we dropped the dogs off for boarding, and went.  We would have taken the girls, but it looks like no dogs are allowed on the beach during the high season, and Kat still isn’t completely healed.  We picked up Bri, a 12 daughter of one of Amy’s friends from her Aunt’s in Cape Cod and headed to the ferry.  We were very lucky because we were late and the ferry was late, and I think we may have been the last passengers allowed to board the smaller ferry that morning.

After getting to Martha’s Vineyard, we basically walked around a bit.  Amy and Bri took a guided tour on the back of a bicycle taxi, while I just walked around.  It was hot and humid and there was a lot of people on the beaches.  We decided to get out of the “big city” and head to one of the smaller villages in search of better beaches… turns out that has a really nice lighthouse, but no real beaches.  We came back to the big city and finally Amy and Bri were able to hang out on the beach.  Since we were taking the 5pm ferry back, it wasn’t a long beach experience, but it was better than nothing.

We were able to drop off Bri around 7 and then headed back home.  We came to realize that we need to start doing multi-day trips instead of just down and back on a Saturday.  We never really got to just relax on the beach like we had planned, and while the trip was fun, I think laying out on the beach would have been better.  Perhaps someday we’ll head back and take a bit more time to explore.  It looks like it could be a fun place to visit.