Today my Aunt died. While I don’t know how old she was exactly, she had lived a full life and it wasn’t unexpected. I will miss her. She is survived by her husband Fred, her brother Ralph (my Father), and her children.

Many of my good childhood memories surround us as a family visiting her house during the holidays. We’d go up there and she’d make a fantastic dinner and us kids would play board games until the night was over.

As I grew up I saw Marietta less and less. Our family no longer went over for holidays and the Air Force took me away from my family. In the past few years I’ve managed to visit with my wife, and we’ve ran into each other at family functions. She has always been kind to me and my family.

Life is an endless circle of life and death and rebirth. My thoughts and prayers are for Fred and the children (and their families). She will be missed by many.