Huguenot Street

We visited New Platz, NY and walked through Huguenot Street. [...]

Huguenot Street2011-07-23T13:52:31-04:00

Old Dutch Church

Sleepy Hollow is in the Hudson River Valley.  This is [...]

Old Dutch Church2011-07-23T13:44:39-04:00

Van Cortlandt Manor

During our exploration of the Hudson River Valley, we stumbled [...]

Van Cortlandt Manor2011-07-23T13:38:58-04:00

The Inn at Stone Ridge

On Sunday morning, we took family photos in the backyard [...]

The Inn at Stone Ridge2011-07-23T13:31:44-04:00

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrone

On Saturday afternoon, we went to the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrone.  [...]

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrone2011-07-23T13:28:40-04:00

Hudson River Cruise

We visited the Hudson River Valley again, and this time [...]

Hudson River Cruise2011-07-23T13:20:53-04:00

Vanderbilt Mansion

Sunday, we woke up and had breakfast, and then headed [...]

Vanderbilt Mansion2011-06-04T21:53:56-04:00

Stoney Point

Then we headed up to Stony Point Battlefield. It was [...]

Stoney Point2011-06-04T21:43:08-04:00